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First official published artwork in We’Moon lunar calendar

Art photography by David Leasa (@dkleasa) in York Lane Art Collective.

Oregon-based Wemoon publishes a yearly lunar calendar which features art by womyn worldwide. It is a blessing to contribute Chonch-ious Currents, a deeply expressive painting, for their 2020 datebook. Each year the datebook is assigned a theme. Wake Up Call is their 2020 theme, which is certainly appropriate for the world to revel and reflect on!

I still remember crying through this painting while exploring themes of empowerment, liberation, and the oceanic depth of intuition.

Since 2016, I have been staying in tune with the moon through their beautiful, inspiring calendars. Each edition donates a percentage of proceeds to helping womyn in a specific cause. To find out more about their mission and collaborative creations, visit

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