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T.O.F.U. Magazine Collaborations

This is dear Peony, her portrait was created last year for T.O.F.U.’s 14th issue: “Burnout”. Being born into an exploitative industry, Peony was a ‘runt’ with distended liver and other damaged internal organs. A gentle innocent being who went through an enormous struggle.

This artivism accompanied an article “The Loss of an Animal” written by Zoe Peled. Zoe wrote of Peony’s life after rescue, and how their bond evoked deep emotional response.

“When we lose an animal, there is no perfect solution to navigating grief. Grief is something that we all experience differently, and it’s imperative that we are permitted to do so. Within the animal rights community, we encounter loss on a regular basis, and in varying amounts. Identifying the emotional capacity needed to process this is not only important, it is also crucial for longevity and wellness.” – Zoe Peled, The Loss of an Animal.

Visually contributing to Zoe’s loving article brought an ever deeper sense of purpose into the creative process.

This year, the compassionate collaborations resurfaced with T.O.F.U.’s 15th issue focusing on capitalism. Ryan, the editor and co-founder of T.O.F.U. Magazine, paired me with Kenya Gutteridge’s writing. Upon reading Kenya’s article “Enclosed”, the content instantly resonated. Her writing focuses on addressing the oppression which is tied into our current existence in society.. She brings reverent awareness to the Indigenous peoples, and the importance of understanding our roots to be able to start growing in better directions.

“My ancestors’ way of thinking was that which commodified land, animal, and human alike. It is this way of thinking that facilitated my family’s purchase of the place where my garden rests, a place bustling with the activity of diverse peoples—Wendat, Mississauga, Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg, and many others—long before the arrival of the first white person. It is this way of thinking that facilitated its so-called purchase under Treaty no.13, as dubious and haphazard as so many land deals made by Canadian colonizers, for which the first peoples of this place have never seen anything close to reparations.” – Kenya Gutteridge, Enclosed

For digital copies of T.O.F.U. Magazine, check out this link. They are available by donation, which makes them highly accessible! Also, if you are feeling lucky, there are 8 copies along with some creative artivism patches and new No Fur No Feathers stickers to be won! Entries accepted until 11:59PM PST Sunday, November 17, 2019. To find contest info and enter, visit @tofumagazine and @veganmonika on Instagram!

T.O.F.U. is an acronym which stands for totally and obviously f*cked up.

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