Connecting with Tim and Charlie after a volunteer work visit at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary 2018.

7% of proceeds are donated to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary (located in Zorra, Ontario). So far, over $440 has been donated through vegan monika! Thank you for your help in contributing to the care and rescuing of animals.

Aside from art, I am always interested in contributing to the compassionate movement through other forms of activism. These include, but are not limited to, volunteering at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary; helping friends along their path with plant based diet questions and advice; participating in school projects with students (e.g podcasts, videos), an ebook is currently in the works which will touch on my healing journey + recipes + resources + inspirations.

Aligning with a cruelty-free range of art supplies is always a focus. This process involves research, patience, and investment. 

Hemp and organic cotton are my preferred fabrics to use as a painting surface for their environmental and ethical benefits.

Organic cotton thread & canvas used for upcycled clothing repurposed with patches.

If you are interested in a custom art piece, please use the contact form in the contact page, or email me at veganmonika.art@gmail.com. I would love to help bring your visions into reality.

Work space during studio month at York Lane Art Collective, 2018,

Thank you to all of the compassionate supporters and contributors who reinforce the creation of artivism!

Special thanks to Joe Guzvinec, Chitter Love, Gene Jacaruso, and James Harrison for hugely supporting all the artivism which you see here!

Winter hugs with Gabe, a rescued goose at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. Winter 2019