Siobhan Poole

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Siobhan is the plant-powered, selfless soul who runs/manages Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary in Zorra, Ontario. Over the past 2 years of getting to know her during volunteer work visits, I have been beyond inspired by her dedication to, and love for animals. She is a humble, genuine, and open-minded womyn who stands up against unethical treatment of sentient beings. Since Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary was established in 1999, she ceaselessly cares for the rescued animals living there with immense love. Siobhan’s devotional service to countless earthlings is a true example of what veganism looks like applied in our world. Thank you Siobhan for your presence and purposeful role on this planet.


Cedar Row Website

Chitter Love

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Chiti is a plant-based doctor who has discovered vast value in the practice of connection to consciousness as a catalyst for healing transformation. She aids many souls compassionately, guiding them towards the solace of their own Self-Evolution.
Often expressinG her journey through social media, Chitter portrays an understanding that our personal growth is reflected in the world around us. Encouraging a lifestyle consisting of awareness-increasing activities, she sets an inspiring example through meditation, ethics (veganism), plant-based nutrition, self-love, -expression, and -reflection. I am beyond grateful for the spiritually vibrant energy which Chiti emanates into the collective consciousness.


Chitter’s Instagram

Claire Scott

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Claire is a vibrant vortex of love for creativity, life, animals and plants. Her passionate expression is energetic and striking.
Recently initiating the York Lane Art Collective in Stratford, Ontario with her solo art show, an enlivening impact on the community was ensued asking meaningful questions through her pieces focussed on empowerment, equality, and freedom.
The following art shows she has since organized and curated were centred around empowering artists in the community. Her expanding intentions truly bring people together with the healing presence of colour, movement, and variety.


Claire’s Instagram

York Lane Art Collective’s Instagram



Super down to earth, Mike takes his knowledge to new heights with avid involvement in current nutrition research and public health activism. Meeting him at VegFest Muskoka 2018 was such a blessing.


Mike’s popular YouTube channel

Mike’s Instagram

Remi Poetry

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Remi’s writing expression often relates to sentience in society, highlighting opportunities for deeper alignment to values such as compassion and positive lifestyle changes. Their illustrative poetic ventures wonderfully combine boundless space with intricacy, bringing profound realizations down to earth through relations to ‘every-day’ life. Involving themselves in a plethora of vegan activism, Remi is a source of inspiration to many.


Remi’s Instagram

Remi’s Youtube Channel




Thankful for the inspiration of all <3