Patches are canvas art prints which can simply be hung up on the wall, or put to action in our wardrobe!

Ethical & Environmental Benefits

Transforming what we already own and use with patches brings an element of sustainability into activism.

Contrariwise, the “fast fashion” industry creates unsafe and unethical environments for countless sentient beings involved. Waste produced by this overconsumption of clothing is tremendous. To get educated about the unethical fast-fashion industry, please check out the documentary “The True Cost” and explore their informative website:

By using patches, we make the conscious choice to avoid consumption of new clothing. At the same time, we retain the ability to add a message to existing items. In this way, patches are part of the compassionate movement.

The image below on use and care is included as a small print with each patch order:

patches use and care for website

Where to apply activism patches:

  • jackets
  • pillows
  • sweaters
  • tote bags
  • pencil cases
  • backpacks

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