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7.75” x 9” (design dimensions)

In late 2017, I began to study meditation techniques from India offered through Self Realization Fellowship Lessons. In early 2019, I integrated meditation into my morning and evening routine. Keeping up with two meditations every day since then has significantly improved my experience as an artivist with many goals and intentions, especially during a winter full of extreme life changes. I am so grateful for the strength which this devoted spiritual practice has brought in demanding times of my journey. Regardless of external conditions, within us is the changeless source of happiness. Through meditation, we liberate ourselves from the confines of body and ego.

One of my favourite pieces of written activism, called Animal Liberation and Social Revolution by Brian A. Dominick* elaborates on liberation: “… I believe liberation to be a particularly human concept, based on the subjective process of consciousness-raising and self-empowerment. Liberation is personal, and it is much more complicated than merely removing physical chains”.

*This pamphlet is available in printable form for free. Click here to view it.

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